Past Recipients

Past Recipients of HKUAASC Scholarships


This year’s scholarship was awarded at our first Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner on September 29, 2012 to Yvonne Lau, the youngest daughter of Dr. James Lau and Shirley Lau, both of whom are HKU alumni. Yvonne graduated from Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California in the top 1% of her class while volunteering her service to her community. She was recognized in 2011 nationally with the President’s Volunteer Service Silver Award and the Young American Award. She competed in the National Junior Olympics Fencing Qualifier and won First Place in Woman’s Under-16 Foil. Yvonne will be attending the University of Southern California in the Fall as a History major where she plans to explore the historical influences international politics have on Hong Kong.  


Two scholarships were awarded during the Annual Convention in May 2011.Michelle Lau, a senior at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton with a GPA of 3.8, intends to major in Business Administration. She has been accepted to USC, UCLA, Berkeley and Cornell. She has earned athletic recognitions in volleyball, TKD, and junior varsity hurdles. Her community service includes volunteer work at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Fullerton Boys & Girls Club, in her church and other community organizations, which has earned her the President’s Volunteer Silver Service Award. She sees Hong Kong’s excellence in academics, in economics, and in personal liberty as inspiration to the rest of the world.

Cassie Yan is a graduate of Arcadia High School. She intends to pursue her love for the arts at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Since visual art is in itself a form of communication, Cassie sees much-needed opportunity in imparting international cultural understanding and enhancing the educational content in popular entertainment media of movies and video games. Cassie has done volunteer work at Arcadia Methodist Hospital for 4 years.


The winner of the scholarship in 2010 is Chris Mak, who was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the US in 2006. Chris is a senior at Foundatin Valley High School with a GPA of 3.2. He will be enrolling at California State University at Long Beach and plans to major in physics.

Chris has been a member of his High School Marching Band and is the Honor Band Leader. He has received three Marching Band Champion Trophies. In his spare time, Chris volunteers as an usher at the Chinese Presbyterian Church of Orange County. His aspiration is to be either a musician or an engineer.

He was honored at the HKUAASC 21st Annual Counvention on Friday May 14, 2010 at Mission 261 Restaurant in San Gabriel.


The HKUAA Community Service Scholarships for the year 2001 was awarded to Miss Joanna Chow, who has attended UCLA in fall, 2001.


The Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Southern California is pleased to announce the recipients of their Scholarships for Outstanding Service. Yashih Wu of Agoura Hills and Kenny Lin of Fountain Valley are the proud winners of our scholarship. Over fifty applications have been received this year from highly qualified students. These applicants have GPAs ranging from 3.5 to well above 4.0 and most have impressive community service records.

Yashih Wugoes to Calabasas High School. She has been a straight A student throughout her entire high school career, taking many honor and Advanced Placement courses, thus bringing her GPA to above 4.0. She got perfect scores in her SAT as well as in her SATII scores in Advanced Math, Chemistry and English. Fitted into her demanding schedule, she manages to clock up hundreds of hours of community service. It is indeed a challenge to find a more deserving student. Yashih will be going to Princeton next fall.

Kenny Lin, goes to Fountain Valley High School. Like Yashih, Kenney also maintains an above 4.00 GPA average, and like Yashih he also took many Advanced Placement courses. Soon after coming to this country four years ago, Kenny started volunteering at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and continues to do so up to this day, putting in over a thousand hours of his time. Kenny will be going to Stanford in the fall.


The Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Southern California is pleased to announce the winners of their Scholarships For Outstanding Community Service. Minyang Mao of Bakersfield and Jason Leung of Arcadia are the proud recipents of our first ever scholarship, and we hope to give out more such scholarships in the years to come to young people as deserving as they.

Minyang Mao goes to Stockdale High School. He has been a straight A student throughout his entire high school career. Considering the demanding course load he takes, this transcribes to an above 4.00 GPA. Minyang aspires to a career in medicine. It is therefore no wonder that one of his community services is is with the Mercy Jr. Auxiliary. He will be joining the seven year medical program in Northwestern University in September.

Jason Leung go to La Salle High School. Like Minyang, Jason also maintains an above 4.00 GPA average. Unlike Minyang though he prefers a career either in law or investment banking. His ambition shows through when he mentions that among the community services he performs his work in the corporate offices of the Pasadena YMCA ranks highest in gratification. Jason will be going to Cornell University in the fall.Both these outstanding young men were honored at our Ninth Annual Convention on Friday, May 15, 1998 at Harbour Village Restaurant in Monterey Park. 

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