Past Activities 1996 – 2011


HKUAASC 22nd Annual Convention (May 6, 2011)

The Annual Convention was well attended by over 100 alumni and friends at the NBC Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park. To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of HKU and the 1911 Chinese Revolution, HKUAASC invited Professor Hung-Hsiang Chou of UCLA for a keynote speech of “Dr Sun Yat-sen – the Person, the University, and the History.”

Hon. Mike Eng, 17th District State Assembly Member, who have been supporting HKUAASC for many years, installed the Board of Directors for 2011-2013 and presented proclamations to Sheila Chau, Outgoing President and Peter Tong, Incoming President. Two scholarships were presented: one to Michele Lau, daughter of our Alumni Dr. James Lau and Shirley Lau, and one to Cassie Yan, daughter of Alumnus Peter Yan. Cassie is a student of fine arts and showed a slide show of her portfolio of murals and various paintings. Further entertainment was provided by the choir of the Kwong Chow Chinese Association, who sang in Chinese. 

HKUAASC 21st Annual Convention  (May 14, 2010)
The Annual Convention was well attended by over 90 alumni and friends at the Mission 261 Restaurant in San Gabriel. State Assembly Member Mike Eng presented proclamations to President Sheila Chau and the two speakers, Dr. Peter Poon and Dr. Kenneth Chan.

Keynote speech: “The Benefits of Space Travel”
Speaker: Dr. Peter Poon, Telecommunications and Missions Systems Manager, JPL, NASA

Dr. Peter Poon is a scientist from Caltech – NASA’s JPL at Pasadena where he spent his 35 plus years in science and space technology. A graduate of HKU majoring in Physics and Mathematics in 1965, Dr. Poon completed his PhD degree at USC and the Advanced Project Management Program at Stanford University.

Dr. Poon made significant contributions towards mission success in projects including Voyager Interstellar Mission, Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan, Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit & Opportunity, Mass Odyssey, Mars Global Surveyor, Ulysses Mission to the Sun and joint projects with the French and German Space Operations Center.

In 2009, Dr. Poon is recognized by HKU as one of the 43 Distinguished Science Alumni during the 70th anniversary celebration of HKU Science Faculty. He is profiled in Marquis Who’s Who in America, Marquis Who’s Who in the World, Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and Chinese American Who’s Who in USA. Dr. Poon’s wife Mable is a manager at Caltech. Their daughter is a Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at Stanford University and their son is a graduate of UC Berkeley in EE-Computer.

Slide Presentation on “Medical mission to Guizhou and the Beautiful Shangrila of Yunnan and Sichuan, China.”
by Dr. Kenneth Chan, M.D. Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, USC  M.D., University of Miami.



Keynote speech: “Economic outlook of the Pacific Rim with emphasis on US-China and Hong Kong-California Trade Commerce, Financial Independence and Growth”

Speaker: Mr. Perry Wong Senior Managing Economist, Milken Institute M.A., Economics, Temple University.

Mr. Perry Wong is a Senior Research Economist in Regional Economics at the Milken Institute. He is an expert on regional economics, development and econometric forecasting and specializes in analyzing the structure, industry mix, development and public policies of regional economies. He designs, manages and performs research on labor and workforce issues, the relationship between technology and economic development and trade and industry, with a focus on policy development and implementation of economic policy in both leading and disadvantaged regions. Mr. Wong is actively involved in projects aimed at increasing access to technology and regional economic development in California and the American Midwest. His work extends to the international arena, where he is involved in regional economic development in southern China, Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Prior to joining the Milken Institute, Mr. Wong was a senior economist and director of regional forecasting at Global Insight, Inc. (formerly Wharton Econometric Forecasting), where he managed regional quarterly state and metropolitan-area forecasts and provided consultation.

Slide Presentation on “Medical mission to China. Fascinating Sceneries of Jui Xai Gou (九寨溝).” by Dr. Kenneth Chan, M.D. Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, USC  M.D., University of Miami

Since 1990’s, Dr. Chan has been an active volunteer, going on medical missions to remote, underdeveloped parts of Asia, especially China. He would often donate medical equipment to help the local hospitals and physicians.

Annual General Meeting May 2009

The membership voted to amend the bylaws of HKUAASC to the version first adopted in August 1, 1992 with minor changes. A new board consisting of 11 members were elected to serve a term of 2 years, with Sheila Chau taking up the leadership position of President.


The 18th annual convention was held on May 11, 2007 with a special theme in memory of the return of HKSAR to China. The Key-note speech was ,”Review and Prospect at the 10thAnniversary of HKSAR”, A former HKU visiting scholar sharing his point of view”  (香港回歸十周年回顧与前瞻,港大訪問學者分享十周年歷程. The speaker  was Mr. Chao-you Xu, Deputy Consul General, People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles.

Mr. Chao-you Xu received his B.A. degree from Department of Foreign Languages, Nan kai University, Tianjin in 1987. In 1989 he received his law degree from Department of Diplomacy, Foreign Affairs College in Beijin. 1999-2000, Mr. Xu studied at the Faculty of Law at HKU.

Prior to be the Deputy Consul General for PRC in Los Angeles, Mr. Xu was Division Chief, Department of North America and Oceanian Affairs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 2000 – 2004. 1997-2000, he was the Deputy Division Chief for Hong Kong & Macau Affairs Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1993 -7 Mr. Xu was the 3rd and then 2nd Secretary, Sino British Joint Liaison Group in HK . 1989-1993, Staff member and then attache’, HK & Macau Affairs Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Special Guests of the evening: Judy Chu, Vice Chair, CA State Board of Equalization, 4th District Mike Eng, Assemblyman, 49th District.


The Lunar New Year  Lunch Gathering and 2006 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Feb 11, 2006 at the Express Harbor Village Restaurant.

The 17th Annual convention  of  the Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Southern California was held on May 20, 2006 at Empress Harbor Village Restaurant. Our keynote speech,” Care of your health & health” given by Dr. David Shek, M.D. and Mrs. Frances Shek. R.N. was well received. Dr. Shek graduated from Hong Kong University Medical School in 1972. He had his initial internship in Hong Kong, then at the Texas Baylor School of Medicine and finally at the Medical School of New York University.  Dr. Shek is a General Practitioner (GP) and Family Physician (FP). He has a lot of clinical experience in treating patients with diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol.  Dr. Shek has his solo medical practice since 1976. He has 2 children who are both DDS.  Recently, Dr. Shek moves his clinic to a new office in Anaheim, where his son houses the dental clinic in the same location. Mrs. Frances Shek is a Registered Nurse from New York.  She went to Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary Hospital and became a SRN at the age of 21. She has been in clinical practice with her husband for the last 30+ years.  She is the manager of her husband’s medical and her son’s dental clinic.  Mrs. Shek involves in helping patients to improve their skin, especially in treating acne vulgaris, hyperpigmentation, melasma, wrinkles and more.


The 16th Annual Convention of the Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Southern California was held on May 14, 2005 at the Ocean Star Restaurant in Monterey Park.  Almost 80 people attended this gala event, with honored guests including California State Assembly Member Dr. Judy Chu, Mayor of Monterey Park Mike Eng and Councilmember of the City of Walnut Joaquin Lim.    These prominent elected officials presented Proclamations to the outgoing President, Mr. Shody Chow, incoming President Ms. Mee Jin Chen as well as to the guest speaker, Dr. Bill Mok, who is the President of HKUAA of Northern California.

Another noteworthy guest was Dr. Mabel Yang, former Professor of the Department of Physiology in the Medical Faculty, who was the supervisor and mentor to Mee Jin Chen at HKU and who has since retired to Vancouver.  Also attending was Ms. Monica Yeung, the newly appointed Executive Director of Friends of the University of Hong Kong, Ltd., who is based in Northern California.

Dr. Mok gave a very informative and lively presentation on the subject of ‘Precious Water’.  There was much audience participation as Dr. Mok asked many questions to find out how much the attendees knew about the availability, origin, quality and other aspects of water.  The winning table was awarded ‘lai sees’

BBQ and Pool Party was held at Mee Jin Chen’s home in Arcadia on June 18, 2005 to start  our sizzling  summer with our alumni members and friends! About 40 people attended the fun filled afternoon and enjoyed the HKUAASC carved water melon prepared by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ng, Past President. Mee Jin proudly installed fifteen paid members including four life members and all recited the Membership Oath. HKUAASC Membership certificates and HKU pins be presented to them.


Luncheon with Professor C. F. Lee

HKU alumni in Southern California celebrated their year end luncheon on December 28 with Professor C. F. Lee, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of HKU, who happened to be in Los Angeles at that day.  Professor Lee was very informative regarding new developments at the university, such as the expansion of the campus and a four year program, soon to be undertaken at the university.  His presence has reminded the alumni of the happy times that they had in Hong Kong and at HKU.  They are very proud to be associated with HKU.

Visit of Vice Chancellor of Hong Kong University

Vice Chancellor Professor Tsui Lap-Chee made a short official visit to Los Angeles on Oct. 21, 2004.  HKUAASC organized a luncheon at Omni Los Angeles Hotel for the Vice Chancellor and his delegation to meet the business, educational and civic leaders and an informal dinner to meet HKU alumni living in Southern California.

The lunch meeting was co-sponsored by Hong Kong Association of Southern California and Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office.  The Vice Chancellor was the guest speaker, and his topic is “The New Silk Road , a Renaissance of Asian Development “was well received by the audience.

There were about 80 people at the lunch meeting including such dignitaries as the Chinese Consul General Zhong Jianhua, Mayor of Monterey Park Mike Eng, Councilmember Emile Bayle of the City of San Marino, Councilmember Chi Mui of the City of San Gabriel and Chief Executive Michael Friedman of the City of Hope.  Mike Eng presented Professor Tsui  and Shody Chow, President of HKUAASC, certificates of recognition from the City of Monterey Park, while Chi Mui presented  Proclamations from the California State Senate on behalf of Senator Dr. Gloria Romero.

Huntington Harbor Boat Parade

About 50 HKU alumni and friends gathered at the home of Dr. Kwan and Mrs. Karen Chan to see the annual boat parade at Huntington Harbor on December 11, 2004. This is an annual event when all the boats are beautifully decorated with lights and compete for awards. The theme this year is Starlight Symphony.

A special thanks go out to Sheila Chau, Program Director of HKUAASC for making all the arrangements. As usual, our Past President Raphael Cheng entertained us with his excellent singing of both Cantonese and Mandarin songs. Joy Yang, a HKU alumnus studying a Ph. D. program in Economics at UCLA, brought along with her HKU exchange student Paul Luk. We are happy to see new members, Peter Tong and Philip Chan, at this event.

The 15TH Annual Convention was  held on Friday, May 7, 2004 at Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant (140, W Valley Blvd(, 4th Floor, San Gabriel)

The topic of the speech from our speaker, Victoria Ying Jin Esq, CEO, Orphales Global Strategies Inc, will be “Prospects of global strategies for Chinese American”.  She gave us an insight of the work done by her firm in the formation of partnerships between companies in America and Mainland China. Her use of Chinese wisdom and concepts relating to “Dancing with the Dragon”, “Ground Zero” and “Four Dimension Partnership” were impressive to the audience of 90 alumni and friends.  The Vice Mayor, Mike Eng of the City of Monterey Park and the Councilmen Chi Mui of the  City of San Gabriel were also present in our convention.


Our the 14th  Annual Convention was attended by more than 100 members and guests with Prof Yau from Harvard University as our speaker. In addition, during the year, we had semi-annual meeting, summer outing and picnic, Boat Parade party,  monthly luncheons, and activities related to other organizations.

Some of the committe members met Dr. Bill Mok, the President of HKUAA in North California at a dinner yesterday in south Pasadena in april 2004.


The HKU Alumni Association (Southern California) held its 2002 convention banquet on 5/10/02 in Monterey Park.  In attendance were over 100 alumni members and guests.  The Association has the honor of having Profession Baizhu Chen of USC delivering a keynote speech on the the topic “A New Tale of 2 cities- Hong Kong and Shanghai, Partners or Competitors”.  Two awards were presented at the Convention.  A Leadership in Community Service Award was presented to Dobbin Lo and a Distinguished Alumnus Award was presented to Li Hui Ying.

 Subsequent to the Convention, a semi-annual general meeting was held on 11/9/02, and a boat parade social gather was held on 12/8/02.  The upcoming 2nd semi-annual general meeting will be held on 2/16/03.  During the year, the alumni has also sponsored the inauguration dinner of the Mayor of Monterey Park, Mr. David Lau, and co-sponsored a seiminar on applying American capital, science and technology to the Chinese market.


The twelfth Annual Convention was held at Monterey Park on May 12, 2001. Dr. James H.K. Lau delivered the keynote speech on “Medical Mission to Rural China”. Dr. Lau is an Orthopaedic Surgeon of Kaiser Permanente, Orange County and the Board Chairman of HIS Foundation. His speech focused on the existing medical problems and various challenges the organization faced in conducting relief work in the rural areas of Henan.


The Eleventh Annual Convention was held at the Monterey Park on May 12, 2000. Mr. K. Y. Cheng, Senior Vice President of East West Bank, delivered the keynote speech on  “Investment Climate for Asians in the Year 2000”.Mr. Cheng cautioned the local investors  not to make drastic change in investment strategies,  in spite of sharp drop in stock market value.

The third joint function for HKUAA-North America was held in Las Vegas from Oct 7 to Oct 9, 2000. The program was consisted of visits to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, International Sunday Brunch, Bridge and Hearts tournament, and group visits to top shows and attractions.


The Tenth Annual Convention was held at Monterey Park on May 21, 1999. Mr. Perry Wong, a research associate of Milken Institute, delivered the keynote speech on “Asian American Venture Capital and Investment in the Next Century.”. In his speech he compared the investment risks and rewards in Hong Kong and China. As China is an emerging country, the best advice is what Mr. Deng Xiao Ping once put it: “mo shi tou guo he”. Proceed with great caution, and learn as you do it.

During the Tenth Convention, Dr. Ray Ng and Mrs. Paulina Wong were recognized by the Secretary of State of California for their outstanding services to the community. The Deputy Consul General, Mr. Xu Shi Guo, presented a proclamation to Dr. and Mrs. Kwan M. Chan  for their leadership, contribution, and support to the local Chinese American community, especially during the state visit of Premier Zhu RongJi.

On March 12, 1999, Ms. Jacqueline A. Willis, J.P., Hong Kong Commissioner to the United States, visited the Southern California. Ms. Willis is an alumnus of the HKU.  The Association is extremely proud of her achievements and will fully support her to promote the image of Hong Kong in Southern California.

On March 5, 1999, we held a Chinese New Year Dinner at the Harbor Village Restaurant. Mr. Brian Chow who is a  senior physical scientist from Rand Corporation gave us an interesting and informative talk on the subject of “Balance of power and unification between Taiwan and PRC”.  He has been analyzing U.S. and international policies for twenty-five years.


On November 30, HKUAASC, in conjunction with the Queen¡¦s & King¡¦s College Alumni Association and Lingnan University Alumni Association, held a dinner reception at the Harbor Village Restaurant, Monterey Park, to honor Prof. Edward Chen from Hong Kong . Professor Chen gave a keynote speech on Economic Recovery in Asia: When? How?

On August 19, we held a dinner reception at the Anthenaeum, California Institude of Technology, Pasadena, to honor Prof. Kai-Ming Cheung, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Facaulty of Education, HKU, Ms. Bernadette Tsui, HKU Foundation and Networking, and Ms. Janet Chung, Senior External Relations Officer (Allumni Affairs). Prof. Cheng gave a presentation on Prospect of Hong Kong Education Scene.

On June 19, the HKUAASC committee members attended a dinner reception held by Ambassador An Wenbin at the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles located at 443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles.

The Ninth Annual Convention was held on May 15, 1998 at the Harbor Village Restaurant, Monterey Park. New officers were installed for 1998-1999. Scholarship awards were presented to Mr. Minyang Mao of Bakersfield and Mr. Jason Leung of Arcadia. Keynote speech is on “Asian Economics” by Mr. George White, Business Page Writer, LA Times, and Dr. Benjamin Yu, Prof. of Economics and Business, Cal. State University, Northridge.


Luncheon meeting to welcome Dr. Lawrence Ng, President of HKUAA of Northern California on December 20, 1997 at the Royal Star Restaurant, Santa Monica.

Participation in the Annual Christmas Charity Ball of the Federation held on December 20, 1997 at the Sheraton Grande Hotel, Los Angeles.

Eighth Annual Convention with keynote speech “The booming market of China and Hong Kong Stamps” by Mr. Kam Yuen Choy, renowned philatelist on May 17, 1997 at NBC Seafood Restaurant, Monterey Park.


Participation in Annual Charity Dinner Party of Hong Kong Schools Alumni Federation on December 15, 1996 at the Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles.

Annual Christmas Party on December 10, 1996.

Participation in Moon Festival Dinner in honor of Mr. Donald Tsang, Financial Secretary, Hong Kong, on September 27, 1996 at Habor Village Restaurant, Monterey Park.

Reception to Mrs. E.L. Alleyne, President of the Hong Kong University Association in United Kingdom, and her husband Mr. S.E. Alleyne in August, 1996.

Participation in reception for Honorable Mrs. Anson Chan, Chief Secretary, Hong Kong Government, on June 11, 1996, at the Empress Pavilion Restaurant, Los Angeles.

Seventh Annual Convention with Keynote speech “Asian American Partisan Politics and 1996 Presidential Election” by David Lang, Principal of Lang, Marakawa & Wong, and Paul Zee, former Mayor of the city of South Pasadena and president of U.S. Safety & Supply, Inc. on May 11, 1996 at Golden Lotus Restaurant, Arcadia.

Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner, a joint function with the Chinese University of Hong Kong Alumni Association of Southern California, on March 2, 1996 at Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant in San Gabriel.

Reception and Dinner for Daniel Fung, Solicitor General of Hong Kong, on February 9, 1996 at Sheraton Grande Hotel in Los Angeles.

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