The University of Hong Kong has a student exchange program with various universities in the US, including those in Southern California.  University students from the US are able to attend HKU and vice versa for a period ranging from one quarter to one year to broaden their education and international outlook.

Exchange students from HKU are keen to attend University of California. The mentorship program was initiated in 2006 when HKU alumni living in Southern California became mentors to HKU students studying at UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Barbara. On the average, there are about a dozen HKU mentees who have matching mentors that they can rely on for guidance and advice when they are studying in Southern California. The exchange students are invited to and do participate in the various HKUAASC events during the year.

Dr. Peter Poon on the Mentorship Program sponsored by HKUAASC

This is an extremely worthwhile activity, and we would welcome more HKU alumni volunteers to act as mentors. Those interested, should
Contact Us.

A Day Out With Mentor

Memorable Experience I Will Always Cherish

2021 HKUAASC Annual General Meeting – Mentorship Program Highlights