HKU 110th Foundation Day

Dear students, colleagues, alumni and friends,

On March 16 one hundred and ten years ago, the University of Hong Kong was founded.  With shared values and a determined quest for excellence, and through the collective effort of countless members of the university community, we have built this citadel of knowledge and contributed at various junctures in history.  Our origins trace back to the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese and we have advanced ever since in strides in inter-disciplinary teaching and research, as we stay committed to our community and leading in solving emerging problems.

Underpinning our growth all these years is our passion and drive for academic excellence.  At the same time, every historic challenge presents the opportunity to reset and transform in meaningful and lasting ways so that HKU can rise and endure as a leading, global university.

People are our future.  We will take advantage of global developments to enrich and energize our campus as well as invigorate academic pursuits.  Overseas scholars continue to find Hong Kong and Asia an attractive place to explore and grow.

I am grateful for all your support and goodwill, accepting we may disagree on occasions.  Healthy debates, a hallmark of HKU, present diverse perspectives and ensure our conclusions are robust.  I am proud and humbled at the same time to be leading the university as we tackle ever greater challenges, not only in regard to the COVID pandemic but also Hong Kong and the world.

Let’s continue to be resilient, adaptive and work diligently for a better tomorrow.  We will balance what we have and what we can become; welcome new insights and embrace a dynamic, inclusive and collaborative culture with local and global partners.  Together, we will soar higher to inspire and impact more.

Happy birthday, HKU!  Let’s look to celebrating next year on our 111th anniversary.

Xiang Zhang
President and Vice-Chancellor