2019 President and Vice-Chancellor Visit

Banquet in honor of the President and Vice-Chancellor Xiang Zhang

2019 June  – More than 60 alumni attended the dinner held at the Athenaeum at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech).  HKU President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Xiang Zhang 張翔教授 shared the vision and the mission of the University, and thanked the alumni for their continued support.
  • Banquet Photos  (Click for Album)
  • Banquet Video – Complete (58 Min, View w/ WiFi)
  •   Banquet Video – Highlights (9 Min, View w/ WiFi)
  • President and Vice-Chancellor’s Speech (18 Min, View w/ WiFi)
  • Hon. Mike Ng’s Speech (9 Min, View w/ WiFi)
  • Dr. Peter Poon on  Mentorship (4 Min)
  • HKU 100 Theme Song – 明我以德
  • President Zhang’s HKU Ties 張翔校長 • 緣在港大
Professor Xiang Zhang assumed office as the 16th President & Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong on July 17, 2018.